The federal government proposes to provide a few units in a few places over many years. Both the federal and the provincial governments must never have control of housing again (and healthcare, food, drug and utilities monopolies) but fund it and get out of the way while cities and municipalities bring public housing back where it belongs. And undoing 40 years of doing nothing is going to take some concentration to correct.

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Nov 8·edited Nov 9

Does the community housing you speak of in #2 include retirement housing and longterm care? If so, I think it would be worth highlighting those as important (and growing) piece to this housing crisis as the baby boomers age.

Of my 6 immediate neighbours, 2 are on waiting lists for retirement homes and 1 is waiting for long-term care. That is 3 out of 6 homes (each with 3+ bedrooms) which would be on the market for sale or rent tomorrow if suitable retirement & long-term care was available in our community. I see very little mention of this systemic issue so far in your series of posts on housing.

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